Pregnancy Massage

Massage for the expecting mother



Massage during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum has a long and honorable tradition. Historical accounts of midwifery and childbearing practices demonstrate the use of manual assistance during labor and birth. Many traditional cultures used massage throughout the childbearing months to maintain optimal maternal and fetal health, prepare the gravida (pregnant woman) for labor, and ensure a speedy recovery. One of the greatest enemies of a healthy pregnancy is stress. Stress not only adversely affects the maternal physiology and emotional experience of pregnancy but also can have harmful effects on the in utero environment and fetal growth. Massage is one of the safest and most effective ways to reduce tension, stress, and anxiety. Additional benefits of prenatal massage include decreasing chronic muscle tension, increasing venous and lymphatic circulation, reducing swelling, easing varicose veins, normalizing blood pressure, and fostering deep breathing. Massage supports the dynamic physical and emotional changes of pregnancy.


Prenatal Massage Benefits

■ Reduces tension, stress, and anxiety

■ Supports a healthy in utero environment

■ Decreases chronic muscle tension, restores postural balance, normalizes joint range of motion

■ Speeds up venous and lymph circulation, brings nutrients to tissues and eliminates waste products, reduces swelling, eases varicose veins, normalizes blood pressure

■ Fosters deeper breathing, enhances internal respiration

■ Minimizes nausea, stimulates peristaltic activity

■ Elevates mood, encourages loving maternal care

■ Reduces pain

■ Treats the common discomforts of pregnancy

■ Prepares the woman physically, emotionally, and mentally for labor Prenatal massage practitioners can employ other useful adjunctive tools and skills to help their pregnant clientele. Educational materials, a nonjudgmental environment, exercise suggestions, and dietary tips — those within the scope of practice — can provide a more holistic approach to the bodyworker’s nurturing hands-on care.


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