What is Shakti Wellness?

This website has been created to offer you a brief overview of my therapeutic massage practice.

What is Shakti Wellness?

One of the meanings of the word “Shakti” is “Energy” or “Inner Power”and is the name I was blessed with from my Higher Power to practice therapy and learn to channel the flow of that powerful healing energy! Within the trusting relationship between patient and therapist, when invoked, this unlimited powerful healing energy can descend from above and manifest through the giver unto the receiver…this is the secret to UNLIMITED and  COMPLETE wellness! This is how Shakti Wellness began…

I was born and grew up happily in Southern France and always had a very adventurous spirit which took me from Europe to Africa, the Caribbean Islands, South America, India and lastly the United States.  My training began back in Europe and continued throughout my life. Professionally established since 2003 in the US , from Canada, to California and finally to Illinois I am bringing to you all what I have learned from the very best healing masters on the planet! 

During my worldwide traveling journey two things became clear:

  1. Everyone is searching for better Health and Happiness! 
  2. Massage Therapy gives us Health and Happiness! 

I consider massage therapy one of the secrets to a healthier and happier living not only for its numerous health benefits but also simply because it helps our systems communicate and harmonize more efficiently while it brings complete awareness back to the body where we can consciously begin to heal. It is a natural and non-invasive approach to prevention and maintenance of good health.

I like to tailor my work to your specific needs and preferences. I will work with your ideal level of pressure and your breathing patterns to provide a positive experience from beginning to end. I create a peaceful and quiet moment during your busy life where you can release all stress, restore balance and proper flow within your body and reward yourself by accepting to feel wonderful again!

Yes, it feels wonderful to receive a massage and it feels great to give it as well! Massage Therapists are known to find a great sense of serenity and inner peace themselves when giving their heart-felt service!

These are some of my specialties:

Deep Tissue Therapy

Sport & Neuromuscular Therapy

Relaxing Swedish Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Trigger Point Therapy

Myofascial Release

Lymphatic Drainage

Shiatsu Pressure Points

Reiki Healing

Chakra Balancing

Cupping Massage Therapy

Anti-Aging Jeunesse*


Your partner in Health & Wellness,


To book your  Massage Session with Shakti please call Heidi’s Salon & Spa


Or email ShaktiWellness@hotmail.com

Jeunesse* is not a modality but a line of powerful Anti-Aging products! CLick Here to find out more about our Youth Enhancing and Age Defying Technology!

10 thoughts on “What is Shakti Wellness?”

  1. I have been a happy customer of Shakti’s for some time. She is by far the best massage therapist I have worked with. She uses different massage techniques, stretching and essential oils to create a unique experience that doesn’t disappoint!

  2. Hi, Shakti
    We are still in Warrenville. Did not go to Florida like we usually go. Don got pneumonia
    and had complications.. Its been a slow recovery. I have massages paid for yet, but he has
    not been able to go…. We will always keep you in mind as you are very very good and has helped
    Don a lot… I just wanted you to know we are still here and as soon as Don will be able to get
    your massages, he will. good luck to you always.
    Vera and Don

    1. Dear and remembered Don & Vera! I’m so sorry to hear about Don’s health.. It’s always nice to see you guys and I too keep you in my mind and prayers. Well, with a little bit of sunshine coming our way Don will feel much better and next thing you know it will be massage therapy time!! Hope to see you vey soon☘

  3. Bonjour Karine! Je suis de voyage vers Chicago cet ete 🙂 Je t’appelles donc bientot pour un rendezvous et un bon massage chez ShaktiWellness comme dans le bon temps!!

  4. Que buena sorpresa recibir tu email y descubrir tu nuevo Website! Woa tanto tiempo ha pasado mi amiga! Estoy viviendo en España ahora cerca mi familia y todo bien…solo extraño tus masajes 🙂 Querida Shakti te deseo gran éxito con tu terapia, siempre sigue tu corazón y Dios te bendiga! Un abrazo grandote, te llamo pronto!

    1. How nice to hear from you and read your sweet words! Miss you much Mary Jo it’s always a pleasure to give you the break you so deserve! Big hug til we meet again 🙂

  5. Love, love, love Shakti! Have been going to her once a month for several years. She is the best! Shakti is kind, friendly, and has the most positive attitude.

    1. Rosemary, It is always a pleasure to see you leave feeling even better than when you came 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words <3

  6. the best massage tech ever….she touch each n every muscle…..i have had hundreds of massages……no one is better….shakti is what your body needs……she will jump start YOUR WHOLE BODY…

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